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Tips & Tricks #1 – SEO with WordPress

SEO with WordPress: a few things to get you ranking in 5 mins (Here you will learn 5 simple steps to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic tool for managing content and communities for whatever you want to do on the web, but all this means nothing if no one is visiting your site. Search Engine Optimisation is one piece of this puzzle and WordPress is the perfect tool to get the job done.)


it's all confusing!!

  1. URL (structure of Permalinks)

Google also reads your links of every page on your website. It’s better to be human readable link. E.g.:

  1. Title for each page

This should be included in the <head><title>Your page title</title></head> section

  1. Keywords and description for your website and certain pages

This is the section you need to put your page or site keywords, description for search engine. Its call meta tags. Please refer to

  1. Content wording

This is very important that to have better quality of the copywriting on your site. A great article is recommended:

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