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The Impact for Web Design from iPad and iPhone

As the ‘smart phone’ age has come to our world, the whole information industry has been affected. We can’t avoid saying two devices that we can almost see everywhere in the shopping – iPad and iPhone. One of the reasons why iPhone & iPad has been so popular is that they firstly combined with web browsing function with mobile device so perfectly.iphone-4

In a brief, web designers today always have to consider their new pages displayed properly in iPhone or iPad. There are two main things web designers need to be careful with, which are the display size and the browser function.


- 1- Display Size

The dimension for iPhone screen is 640×960 px, and iPad is 1024 × 768 px. (So iPad’s normal display size is almost the same as the normal computer.) Web designers need to make sure websites shown in normal computers can be adapted into those devices as well.  The other thing to notice is that, pictures shown in the webpage can’t be too big to upload; otherwise it will take a long time for iPhone or iPad to open your site via WiFi or 3G. Slow downloading could cause to the decrease of website’s traffic most of time.

-2- Browser Function

Remember, those two devices are like the similar function display tools, not computers. For example, both of them cannot display Flash in their browsers. This could cause many problems for some web pages with shiny flashes. To solve that problem, web designers simply just substitute Flash file with Gif or other simple formats to adapt iPhone and iPad’s browser.

This blog just meant to give some future web page designers some reminders, as the time goes, more and more people would go through mobile devices instead of computer to access web pages, that is why the web designs cannot avoid making changes to adapt the iPhone and iPad system and browsers.

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Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

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