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When Email Marketing Works Against You

Jenny tells me there’s no way email marketing will ever work on her. She hates getting emails from businesses and sales people trying to get her to buy things she doesn’t want. But what she doesn’t mention is all the times she’s bought something because a business took the time to communicate with her.

Jenny’s not alone either.  Most business people, sales people and entrepreneurs I know have a relationship with their email inbox that leaves a lot to be desired. They complain there’s just too much to read and keep up with, and most of it is pointless poop!

I dug a little deeper into the conversation with Jenny to find out what was really going on. And her sharing was revealing. It cemented for me that there are some surefire ways to lose you prospects and customers through email marketing.

The emails Jenny deletes without a second thought all have a few things in common.

  • They are not about things of interest to her
  • She gets too many of the same type of email
  • They are a call to buy without any benefit to her

That is to say they are all about getting Jenny to buy something she’s not really interested in so the sender of the email gets the prize. And they don’t stand out from the veritable barrage of unsolicited mail she gets thrust into her fragile inbox.

That last line was no innocent slip. If you think about how you feel when you get marketing messages you didn’t ask for about things irrelevant to you, it really can be akin to psychological rape. It’s not OK.

But then there’s the messages Jenny welcomes. And she so freely welcomes them that she doesn’t even think she’s being marketed to. It all feels perfectly normal to her. Like a friend sending her a message. She want’s to know what’s inside, she want’s to hear what’s next.

What qualities does an email have to have for you to welcome the message? And what causes you to respond? Let’s see if any patterns emerge in the comments below.

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