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Exciting Free Photo Editor – Pixlr

Pixlr (

Have you concerned about the price to buy an Adobe Photoshop software?

You don’t need to worry about it now. Here I will introduce Pixlr – a series of totally free online image editing and generating tools including:

This is very powerful image editing tool. It can be used as a replacement of Adobe Photoshop. And it has around 30 different languages that you can choose, even in the middle of the image editing process. Try it, you will be surprised.

With Express, you are able to easily do basic editing to your uploaded image such as crop, resize, rotate & flip, colour adjustments, and different photo effects.

This is a much visualised effects editing tool. For more information, please see here:

It’s a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox browser and Google Chrome browser. After installation, you can do screenshots from your computer screen and open other links in a very easy way. is a one-click easy image sharer, perfectly suites the situation when you want to upload an image to show your friends or link from other sites. Just choose a file to upload and we give it a place to call home.

It can satisfy you with its simple usability and friendly user interface. We will be introducing more interesting and useful IT tips & tricks next week.

The Impact for Web Design from iPad and iPhone

As the ‘smart phone’ age has come to our world, the whole information industry has been affected. We can’t avoid saying two devices that we can almost see everywhere in the shopping – iPad and iPhone. One of the reasons why iPhone & iPad has been so popular is that they firstly combined with web browsing function with mobile device so perfectly.iphone-4

In a brief, web designers today always have to consider their new pages displayed properly in iPhone or iPad. There are two main things web designers need to be careful with, which are the display size and the browser function.


- 1- Display Size

The dimension for iPhone screen is 640×960 px, and iPad is 1024 × 768 px. (So iPad’s normal display size is almost the same as the normal computer.) Web designers need to make sure websites shown in normal computers can be adapted into those devices as well.  The other thing to notice is that, pictures shown in the webpage can’t be too big to upload; otherwise it will take a long time for iPhone or iPad to open your site via WiFi or 3G. Slow downloading could cause to the decrease of website’s traffic most of time.

-2- Browser Function

Remember, those two devices are like the similar function display tools, not computers. For example, both of them cannot display Flash in their browsers. This could cause many problems for some web pages with shiny flashes. To solve that problem, web designers simply just substitute Flash file with Gif or other simple formats to adapt iPhone and iPad’s browser.

This blog just meant to give some future web page designers some reminders, as the time goes, more and more people would go through mobile devices instead of computer to access web pages, that is why the web designs cannot avoid making changes to adapt the iPhone and iPad system and browsers.

Using Web2.0 Technology to Promote Your Website

Part Two

How Web 2.0 Is Affecting Our Business?  – Google Adword & SEO


We already know the details about Web2.0’s application today. So this time, we will introduce you some common use of Web2.0 to promote your business today. Google Adwords and SEO mutually exist today from Web 2.0. Let’s get it explained a little bit more.


1. Google Adwords          It works as ‘pay per click’ (PPC), putting your website link at the first place in search results page. Customers will pay Google by clicks. The higher bid you would give Google, the better place you would appear in the Google Search Results. And today almost everyone using internet knows about Google Adwords, it also has become one of the most popular ways for websites’ promotion.

Actually, it seems an easy deal that you pay for your Google clicks and make sales through your website, but there is much more that you need to do before you really get successful in this business field.  For example, you have to know what sort of wording your need to put in your Google Adwords to attract clicks, and also have to avoid the irrelevant clicks at the same time. That is not an easy job and also has concerned many business owners since they know about using Google Adwords. Since then, people have known the importance for search engine optimization (SEO)


2. SEO   Search engine optimization (SEO) contains a wide range of Web2.0 technology to help websites increase their websites ranking in search engines, and also to enrich the functions for business websites. The biggest highlight for SEO is to generate the natural and un-paid clicks from search engines. This type of function requires many detailed work for your websites coding, and also the Plug-ins and Opt-in boxes.  (We have a specific category-Tips & Tricks in TRO Blog about SEO free Plug-ins that you could follow, they are all free!)

To help explain the information above more clearly, let’s see some real cases regarding ‘Google Key Word Research’. IT is quite a competitive market. Most companies are using blogs and social media connections to promote our business which is known as the’ SEO tools’. Here are some examples about our website on the Google research, maybe this can give you some hints.


copywriting for online



Keyword 2,

Australian free blogs


best online website design

Google Keyword Research #3


Au email marketing cheapest

Google Keyword Research #4

Google Adwords and SEO is the most popular search engine methods generated from Web2.0, and besides that, we still have missed the big role that Social Media Platform has been playing today. TRO will put on the exciting Webinar in 26/07/2011, it’s all about your online marketing, all about Web2.0, and all about FREE! Please keep on following our Top Results Online’s Blog updates, and we will post further use for Blogs and Facebook this week.

New Coming Blog Category: Tips & Tricks

Why you have to pay so much just for a click to solve a problem.

Hi everyone, you definitely can do it yourself! And it’s not hard at all!
In the following weeks, we will continuously introduce some free and popular online tips, tricks, tools, new free online tools, free softwares, etc. which you may give a try and use them to help with your work and life.
Top Results Online will create a new category as ‘Tips & Tricks’. Make sure you get our Blog’s latest updates. We are sure you would benefit from here.
If you need any help with it, you can leave a comment so we can help. You are also welcome to write an email to us on

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