Email Marketing: The Best Performing Marketing Strategy

Do you know email marketing can produce an average return of $51 for every dollar spent?
Your website is important in attracting people to your business and generating leads but it’s the email campaign that makes you the money. Businesses who adopt the email marketing strategy enjoy a wealth of benefits:

Broad Target Reach

Email marketing overcomes geographical boundaries. Your emails can be sent to your contacts all over the world within few minutes which generate direct sales to your business.

Enhanced Business and Customer Relations

Email marketing, through personalised and targeted information, improves the relationship between customers and business. This encourages more purchases and loyalty.

Measurable Results

Email marketing allows you to measure recipients’ response and performance via tracking the open, read and click-through rates. The result will help you fine tune your message and improve your performance over time.

Ultra High Leverage

Email marketing employs advanced, automated technologies that do most of the work for you – creating huge leverage, and freeing up your time to focus on other parts of your business.

We have three packages specially designed for different business scopes:

Basic: 1500 Emails / Month
$120 / year with $15 setup fee
$10 / Month with $30 setup fee

Intermediate: 5000 Emails / Month
$297 / year without setup fee
$25.95 / Month with $15 setup fee

Ultimate: Unlimited Emails / Month
$549 / year without setup fee
$49.95 / Month with $15 setup fee

Top Results Online recognises how important it is for a successful business to have a reliable and flexible email marketing system, and our solution is Send Mail Out. This email marketing software can be tailored to suit your business and online marketing needs, with every feature you need:

# Completely browser based # Full campaign statistics # Powerful, automated triggers
# No monthly or per email fees # Google Analytics integration # RSS email campaign archive
# Perpetual, lifetime license # Full WYSIWYG campaign editing # Unlimited autoresponders
# Step-by-step campaign wizard # Pause and resume sending # Google Calendar integration
# Custom fields for personalisation # Automatic event logging # No list size limits or fees
# In-email dynamic content blocks # Built-in CRM functionality # No “powered by” link in your emails
# Use your mail server or 3rd party # 100% unencrypted PHP code # Private label in 5 minutes
# Subscription and Survey forms # Multiple built-in Campaign templates # Handy Export/Import contacts
# Split test email campaigns # Automatic bounced email processing