A Potent Way To Generate Interest

How magazines suck you in to read their articles and…

…How you can use the same technique to get more readers

Dear Small Business Warrior.

It’s hard at first. Starting anything requires more energy to begin. But once you get going, and build momentum, that momentum seems to just carry you forward.

Take reading this article for example. The hardest part is to read the first sentence. But if there’s interest and the words carry you forward you quickly find yourself in the flow and able to digest the words easier as you progress from one paragraph to the next. Just like riding a bike, or starting a locomotive.

So how does that relate to starting a letter, or marketing piece powerfully? It’s all to do with the first sentence.

When someone starts to read it takes some energy to get going. If you make that first sentence difficult to read by making it too long and using excruciatingly complex multi-syllabic¬† annunciation, people will shut off and you’ll lose readership.

Make the sentence short and easy and people get drawn in. It takes the stress out of getting started. Like starting a bicycle at the top of a hill. They can just hop on and the flow of the first sentence carries them into the next.

Take a look at the first sentence of this article. If I’ve done my job by bringing together the right elements of compelling headline, interest generating sub-heads and correct placement of visual elements like images, fonts and colours then you’ll be drawn to read the first sentence.

The purpose of the headline, sub-heads and design elements is to get your prospect to read the first sentence. What then, do you think, is the purpose of the first sentence? To have the prospect read the second sentence. It’s got to give them enough momentum to fall into the second sentence. And logically the entirety of the first paragraph.

By then you should have generated enough interest and relationship to have them read the rest of the piece. If it applies to them and their interests.

Magazines use this technique very well. And they often employ a variation on it. Often they will make the first sentence larger and bolder, and often on a page of it’s own. Appearing very easy to read. Once they have you sucked in to reading the copy you’ll naturally want to turn the page and read the rest of the article.

Look at how you begin your web pages, email campaigns, sales letters and other promotional material from the prospects perspective. Is it hard work to start reading? Try creating first sentences that are compelling to read, simple and interesting. In other words, make it short.

That’s how you get this online thing to pay.

Kind Regards

Scott and the Top Results Online Team.

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