How To Present A Call For Action

Call to ActionLet’s get down to some pointy ended business here. A formula for how you can ask for action from a customer without being pushy. And leave that customer feeling free to make up their own mind.

This applies to any direct communication. A sales page, an email, even a phone call. It’s short and simple, but it can take a bit of thought when putting together your specific opportunity. I’m going to use the example of asking you to come to our Free Email Marketing Seminar. See if you can resist.

Firstly you have to remember that your asking needs to appear as an opportunity to the reader. And the only way you are going to create that is if you understand the world of the reader and what makes them tick.

Secondly, in order to have your offer occur as an opportunity, you as the writer have to suspend all attachment to the outcome. Everyone knows you want things to go your way, but nobody cares about you. Only themselves.

Are you ready for the formula? Here it is.

  • Describe the current reality
  • Describe the most likely future we can expect from current reality (maybe citing past evidence)
  • Paint a new possible future that could exist by using your product/service/opportunity

It’s that easy. So now let me ask you to come to our free Email Marketing Seminar.

The thing is, right now, people are flocking to the internet. World wide there has been a 444.8% growth in internet users over the last ten years. Which is just incredible.

And you have to admit it’s pretty darn handy. Especially email. I mean you can send your Aunt May, who moved across the country a lightning quick message including images for absolutely no cost and get a reply in minutes. If she happens to be sitting at her computer at the other end. That used to cost a dollar and take two weeks. And it was infinitely more time consuming to put together in the first place.

As for poor business owners it can be overwhelmingly confusing to make sense of all this flashy new technology and decipher how to make it spit out money. And if you don’t have someone on duty to keep track of it all and show you what works and what’s a load of old codswallop, it’s not likely to get any easier to understand.

It might be alright for these upstart kids growing up with it, but for most thirty something or older business owners it’s a virtually impossible task to sort the wheat from the chaff. To find what really works and crack the code to using it effectively.

But if you’re not on top of it, if you’re not defining some sort of online presence, it’s likely your business will go the way of the dinosaur. And we don’t want that to happen to you or all the people it would affect.

So we thought it would be a brilliant idea to create a seminar where business owners, or people eager to start, could come to explore a simple way to use the internet that produces not just good, but reliable results.

We live and breathe the internet every day. It’s what we do. So we understand what works and what doesn’t. And we thought we’d share it with you. For Free. Because we want to help. Because we love the internet and all the possibilities it represents for better, cheaper, more powerfull and more measurable marketing and sales.

And we think you could get some real, tangible, take home strategies for how to bring your customers back through your doors when you tell them to.

So, will you come?

Just click on this link now to get some more details and reserve your seats. We’ll see you on Saturday the 25th September.

Warmest Regards


P.S. Did you catch how that worked? No push or manipulation, but a genuine call to action. What was your choice?

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