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Web3.0 contains quite a broad range of functions for future internet developing. As we are getting more and more involved in online world, we can feel it almost coming now into our daily lives. Another word, Web 3.0 is the location-aware and moment-sensitive Internet.

Send Mailout User Guide

Today we will introduce everyone the powerful tool – Send Mail Out system. It’s quite easy to use, and for details, please check this out below:

Wish this video could help you to make a better use of Send Mail Out. Remember that, send email campaign is a long term job, so don’t give up and keep on going until you got the result!

For more information please click here.

Automatically Turn Visitors Into Customers Using Effective Website Development

The major aim of any website development project is to take a visitor and turn them into lifetime customers.  The effective use of colors, layout and images will create a visual masterpiece designed to automatically attract and convert new customers.  In fact, a professionally developed website should not only generate more customers but make the process of closing those customers simple and easy.

The problem is, that many website owners forget they don’t have the convenience of face-to-face communication with their customers.  A physical shop that looks bad can be combated with a great sales and customer service team.  Unfortunately with Website Development, if your website is not visually appealing then you will not attract customers.

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Avoid The Single Biggest Website Design Mistake

The single biggest mistake a business owner makes when going online is to allow a website development to go live without thoroughly assessing it’s potential for sales.  At Top Results Online we have a very stringent system that extracts from you the exact information we need to ensure the design meets your market.  For example did you know that each colour elicits different emotions from your visitor.  If you want to create trust you must use blue, to stop scrolling you need to use yellow.

Our website development team understands the emotional relationship between colours and buyers and effectively combines them to create a high converting website design for you.  Don’t make the mistake that many businesses owner have before and ensure you invest time and money into a website design that converts.

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FREE Website Development Offer

When you take up our website development services to ensure your website meets all standards and principles I am going to include 3 FREE bonuses to you.  Bonuses that will ensure your website is conversion friendly and a traffic magnet!  The bonuses are:

Bonus #1: WordPress Website Manager Plug In – A useful plug in that manages your website and makes it easier for you to run your online business.

Bonus #2: Social Media Connection – Automatically connect your website will all major social media applications so you can virally attract traffic

Bonus #3: Professional Consultation – Talk directly with one of our experts on how to get your website producing more income than you ever dreamed of!

Secure your FREE Website Design Consultation With Our Team Of Professional Designers.

A Potent Way To Generate Interest

How magazines suck you in to read their articles and…

…How you can use the same technique to get more readers

Dear Small Business Warrior.

It’s hard at first. Starting anything requires more energy to begin. But once you get going, and build momentum, that momentum seems to just carry you forward.

Take reading this article for example. The hardest part is to read the first sentence. But if there’s interest and the words carry you forward you quickly find yourself in the flow and able to digest the words easier as you progress from one paragraph to the next. Just like riding a bike, or starting a locomotive.

So how does that relate to starting a letter, or marketing piece powerfully? It’s all to do with the first sentence.

When someone starts to read it takes some energy to get going. If you make that first sentence difficult to read by making it too long and using excruciatingly complex multi-syllabic  annunciation, people will shut off and you’ll lose readership.

Make the sentence short and easy and people get drawn in. It takes the stress out of getting started. Like starting a bicycle at the top of a hill. They can just hop on and the flow of the first sentence carries them into the next.

Take a look at the first sentence of this article. If I’ve done my job by bringing together the right elements of compelling headline, interest generating sub-heads and correct placement of visual elements like images, fonts and colours then you’ll be drawn to read the first sentence.

The purpose of the headline, sub-heads and design elements is to get your prospect to read the first sentence. What then, do you think, is the purpose of the first sentence? To have the prospect read the second sentence. It’s got to give them enough momentum to fall into the second sentence. And logically the entirety of the first paragraph.

By then you should have generated enough interest and relationship to have them read the rest of the piece. If it applies to them and their interests.

Magazines use this technique very well. And they often employ a variation on it. Often they will make the first sentence larger and bolder, and often on a page of it’s own. Appearing very easy to read. Once they have you sucked in to reading the copy you’ll naturally want to turn the page and read the rest of the article.

Look at how you begin your web pages, email campaigns, sales letters and other promotional material from the prospects perspective. Is it hard work to start reading? Try creating first sentences that are compelling to read, simple and interesting. In other words, make it short.

That’s how you get this online thing to pay.

Kind Regards

Scott and the Top Results Online Team.

Five Headlines That Get Attention

No matter what message you are trying to communicate, online or offline, the first hurdle to overcome is the prospects willingness to read what you’re trying to get across. Studies show you have three seconds or less to show what you have for a prospect is something they are interested in.

In almost all cases the place you have to convince them to read on is in the headline. For email it’s the subject headline. In a magazine article, it’s the article headline. If you’re creating a brochure its the headline on the front page, and in a direct mail piece, if you can get them to open it, it’s the headline at the top of the first page.

If you don’t get them interested at that point you risk having your piece deleted, put down, thrown in the bin or the page turned over. In most instances that’s the last chance you get to deliver your message. Particularly in today’s fast paced, time constrained, fickle world.

So I want to share with you 5 headlines that work hard to get your prospects attention. All you need to do is change the details to suit your audience and your message.

Lets start with the style of headline I’ve used here on this blog post and in the emails I’ve sent out to bring people here to the article.

List Helpful How-Tos

Here you are letting people know there are a list of helpful things the prospect needs to know. Examples for this are

  • Ten Ways To Reduce Your Income Tax This Year
  • How to increase your returns and lower your inevstment in equipment
  • Five things you should know before ordering wine for a client
  • This years twenty best gifts for teenagers
  • What to do when your customer won’t pay you

You can see all these headlines offer pieces of information that can help the prospect. Making life easier, saving time and/or money.

Tell A Story

Stories resonate with all of us. We just love a good story. It goes back to our childhood when our parents and grandparents would read us a story to get us to sleep or keep us entertained. Stories are how we communicate best. Headlines that introduce a story have a great power to get us hooked in. Especially when the story is about something we either want, or want to avoid. These can take forms like…

  • How one old man accidentally invented the fishing lure that revolutionized the industry.
  • When Dr. Smith is not doing surgery here in town, he’s volunteering to help the poor in Calcutta.
  • Recognize this ten-year old gymnastics student? He grew up to be an Olympic Gold Medalist.
  • The Plumber and the diamond ring.
  • How we turned the worlds best beef into the worlds tastiest sandwich
  • Ever wonder what goes on inside your furnace?

Headlines that introduce a story need to tap into something your prospect is bound to be interested in. If you can elude to the story containing information they stand to learn from, you’ve got a powerful headline.

Shock and Surprise

These are headlines that alert the reader to impending doom they didn’t even know was coming. These are very powerful headlines that need to be treated carefully because there is a risk you can turn the reader off if you take it too far. But get it right and people get drawn in like moths to a flame. We are always on the lookout for what threatens to hurt us, our families and our livelihoods.

  • You may have cancer and not even know it.
  • The average kitchen cutting board wouldn’t pass a restaurant food inspection.
  • If a disgruntled employee walked in with a gun, would you know what to do?
  • Ten things your accountant will never tell you unless you ask.
  • Four out of Five teenagers try drugs and never tell their parents.

I tend not to use positive shock and surprise headlines like “Surprise, You’ve Won…”. They just don’t get the same readership. Shock and surprise headlines tap into our innate desire to avoid pain and suffering.

Flag The Prospect

We are attracted to messages we know directly relate to us. If you can name the prospect in the headline you’ve got a great chance of being read. This doesn’t have to be the persons name (though that is fantastic if you can find a way to do it), flagging the prospect can also be naming them by who they are in life or the subject they are interested in.

  • Thinking about getting divorced? Call our Lawyers first.
  • Introducing a health clinic for women, by women.
  • If you like chocolate, you’ll love our new store.
  • Attention, migraine sufferers. Get instant relief.
  • Seniors get an automatic 20% discount
  • Serving armed forces personnel since 1942
  • B-boys Breakin it Saturday nights. Gotta get up to get down. (insider slang)
  • If you think Javascript is writing with coffee based ink, don’t visit our website. (insider technical jargon)

By flagging the prospect you let them know you are for them.

State An Emotional Benefit.

Emotional Benefits are high power headlines because they tap directly into what really drives us. We like to think of ourselves as rational and reasonable. But the truth is that once our basic needs of food water and warmth are met, we start looking to fulfill our emotional desires and avoid our irrational  emotional fears.

Emotional headlines need to state and emotional benefit that alleviates a fear or fulfills a desire.

  • Feel 10 years younger.
  • Never worry about sewage problems again.
  • Give your family a vacation memory they will always treasure.
  • Make your money work harder so you can relax.
  • Find the career of your dreams online.
  • Your house will be the envy of the whole neighbourhood.
  • Revenge is sweeter when you get the loot.

And never underestimate the power of our nastier side. People rarely admit to thoughts of revenge or envy, but everyone has those conversations with themselves. People are motivated by their emotions. Fear is one, but it’s not the only one that powerfully moves people. Think about the emotions driving your prospect when they think about your product or service.

Using these headline strategies will get your messages read by more people more often. The key to it though, is knowing your prospect and what they are interested in. Share with people in the comments below what you think really drives people.

That’s how to get this online thing to pay.

Kindest Regards


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