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Exciting Free Photo Editor – Pixlr

Pixlr (

Have you concerned about the price to buy an Adobe Photoshop software?

You don’t need to worry about it now. Here I will introduce Pixlr – a series of totally free online image editing and generating tools including:

This is very powerful image editing tool. It can be used as a replacement of Adobe Photoshop. And it has around 30 different languages that you can choose, even in the middle of the image editing process. Try it, you will be surprised.

With Express, you are able to easily do basic editing to your uploaded image such as crop, resize, rotate & flip, colour adjustments, and different photo effects.

This is a much visualised effects editing tool. For more information, please see here:

It’s a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox browser and Google Chrome browser. After installation, you can do screenshots from your computer screen and open other links in a very easy way. is a one-click easy image sharer, perfectly suites the situation when you want to upload an image to show your friends or link from other sites. Just choose a file to upload and we give it a place to call home.

It can satisfy you with its simple usability and friendly user interface. We will be introducing more interesting and useful IT tips & tricks next week.

Tips & Tricks #1 – SEO with WordPress

SEO with WordPress: a few things to get you ranking in 5 mins (Here you will learn 5 simple steps to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic tool for managing content and communities for whatever you want to do on the web, but all this means nothing if no one is visiting your site. Search Engine Optimisation is one piece of this puzzle and WordPress is the perfect tool to get the job done.)


it's all confusing!!

  1. URL (structure of Permalinks)

Google also reads your links of every page on your website. It’s better to be human readable link. E.g.:

  1. Title for each page

This should be included in the <head><title>Your page title</title></head> section

  1. Keywords and description for your website and certain pages

This is the section you need to put your page or site keywords, description for search engine. Its call meta tags. Please refer to

  1. Content wording

This is very important that to have better quality of the copywriting on your site. A great article is recommended:

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Why you have to pay so much just for a click to solve a problem.

Hi everyone, you definitely can do it yourself! And it’s not hard at all!
In the following weeks, we will continuously introduce some free and popular online tips, tricks, tools, new free online tools, free softwares, etc. which you may give a try and use them to help with your work and life.
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