No-one Cares About Your Need To Sell

You want to make money right? It’s OK don’t be shy. We all want to make some money. That’s why we start businesses.

And in order to make money you recognise you need to make sales. And to get sales you need customers. But I’m here to tell you that’s the worst reason in the world to advertise. Because the market place doesn’t care what you want.

Be honest. Do you care if the mega department store wants you to give them money? My guess is you answered no. So you can see that any advertising you do for your business based on your wants is not going to get a fantastic response. Because the market doesn’t care about what you want, they only care about what they want.

It’s about the market. What they want. Not you.

Did I just repeat myself? Yes? Good.

To get a response that rips the doors off it’s hinges or causes a breakdown in supply, you need a real reason to advertise. An interesting message that your market has a reason to respond to.

When you look at most advertising it’s usually the same standard name, rank and serial number template. Who they are, what they do, and the phone number. What sort of a message is that? “Here we are. Give us money.”

In order to engage someone you’ve got to get their attention, generate interest, convert that interest into desire and compel them to take action. I don’t know about you, but name rank and serial number advertising doesn’t do any of that for me.

So what do you do?

The first step is to make your business for somebody. Actually define a group of people who you are for. Who you are a stand for. Concerned for. Who you look after.

It doesn’t work to say you are for everybody. That just conveys the same message as “Here we are. Give us money”. You’ve got to actually define it so they recognise themselves and connect with you.

For example, people who fish for Barramundi in Central Antartica. OK, that’s a little absurd. But you can see that if there were such a group of people they would instantly recognise themselves in a headline that flagged them. They’d connect and want to read more.

This is of paramount importance in any online communication because you’ve got split seconds between being deleted and being read. If people already know you are for them, they’ll be predisposed to reading your messages.

Share with us who and what your business is a stand for ? Share with the other readers in the comments below. Maybe it’ll help others get clear on the stand they can make.

That’s how you get this online thing to pay.

Kind Regards


I’m Not Ready To Buy From You

Imagine. You run an ad in your best response creating, niche specific publication. It cost a pretty penny but you know you’re talking to the right people and you’ve got what they want.

Your perfect buyer is out there. And by chance she’s reading the magazine, not her regular read but today she is. And she’s just seen your ad. Oh happy days. The headline grabs her attention, she finds it a good offer and very much what she is looking for. The value is there.

But for whatever reason, she’s not ready to buy. So she turns the page.

Now if you consider the average person in any western country receives somewhere between 800 and 3000 marketing messages per day (including this article), it’s likely your message will get lost. Given our ever decreasing attention spans and the incredible variety of choice we face it’s also likely our perfect buyer will never see your ad again.


But wouldn’t it be cool if we could stick with her. Be there by her side as she considers everything she needs to consider, offer her the information she needs and build a relationship with her. So when the day comes she is ready to buy, we’re there. Top of mind and with the same offer.

But that’s all just a pipe dream. The reality is we can’t afford to give her that much attention. We can’t be in every media she engages with. We just don’t have the resources to do it for her and all the other perfect buyers out there.


…unless we don’t ask her to buy.

Most advertising is a rotten waste of perfectly good fun tickets. Money that could have been spent on a wild night out at the Casino and probably bring in just as many new customers. And the reason it often fails is because it asks the reader to make a buying decision (blatantly or implied) the moment they read the ad. The chances of reaching someone at the time they are ready to make a decision are not that great. And a quarter page ad rarely has the room to pursued people now is the time to pull out their credit card.

We all generally want time and space to consider things before we buy. So what is the answer?

Consider it’s more likely you will get someone to take an action if they think they are going to get what they really want without making any sort of real commitment like buying. And what we want is to feel like we aren’t being pushed. And that we’re loved.

So instead of advertising designed to catch people in the moment of “ready to buy”, cast a bigger net and get people in the “I need more information before I’m ready” moment. Create advertising that draws people in to gather more information which you are giving to them to help make a better decision.

Then do a little swap with them. Trade your high quality information for their name and email address. Now you can stay with them while they consider everything they need to consider and you get to be the hero because you’re the one able to provide them with everything they need to consider.

A little at a time with each email drawing them closer and closer, addressing all their concerns, until they can’t help it any longer. They are either interested or they are not. If they are you’ve been with them the whole way. Why wouldn’t they choose you?

Email is the greatest communication tool of all time. It’s dirt cheep to send a message. It’s personal, if you know how to be personal when you write. And at the same time you can send out tens of thousands or more personal messages at once. And it can be set up to send automatically to the right people at the right time with the right message.

You’d be mad to let your competitors figure it out before you.

The last seats for our free email marketing seminar are going this week. This is your last chance to learn the science and the art of how to bring people in and market to them on going. Being there every time they are ready to buy.

One day I WILL get an email from my mechanic reminding me it’s time for my car to be serviced. Untill then I’m just going to keep changing mechanics until I find one who wants to keep me.

Enjoy the world, it’s a beautiful place.

Scott Junner

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How To Present A Call For Action

In order to have your offer occur as an opportunity, you as the writer have to suspend all attachment to the outcome. Everyone knows you want things to go your way, but nobody cares about you. Only themselves.
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Why You Need To Build Your Own List

Just Remember It's Not Your PoolThere’s a bit of a fad going on at the moment in online marketing and business, and while it’s all very cool and useful to get involved. I want to warn you about the major pitfall to spare you from the upset losing a lot of hard work.

All this talk about how social media like facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Youtube and all the rest are doing wonders for business is true. These social networks are fantastic for connecting with people in your particular niche market and building personal relationships with them.

And we all know that the best customers are the ones we keep in contact with regularly. They’re the ones who come back again and again. And the online social networks mentioned above provide the tools for you to foster those relationships in some very cool ways. So yes I think they are good for business

Can you here the “But” in my voice? Well here it comes.


…it’s not your list!

Remember not so long ago all the furor in the media concerning the privacy settings on facebook? Well all the people doing the winging and whining were the ones who agreed to the terms and conditions of signing up without reading them. And then didn’t take responsibility for agreeing without reading.

And if you take a good look at every one of these online social media networks you will find that as part of the terms and conditions you have no rights to the lists of contacts you create within those networks outside of your activities within those networks.

If you build a list within facebook around your chosen niche of, let’s say, Beanie Babies, you can only contact them within facebook. But facebook owns the list. And they can and do sell that information to the people who pay to advertise on facebook. That’s why they make so much money.

There are no options to export that list. If you asked them you’d get a very upfront NO. And if you got caught hacking their system to access it…heaven help you.

Having your own list of people you have built a relationship with and marketing directly to them is much, much more powerful.

  • You can send them any message you want whenever you want (let good sense prevail here)
  • You do not get restricted by how many people you communicate with at a time
  • You can transfer that list to a new business venture if you want
  • Because you own it, you control what messages they recieve
  • That list is a sale-able asset which can be sold separately or as a value add to the sale of a business (be careful of your privacy policy)

I don’t know about you but for me there’s a sense of pride around how I treat my customers. I’m committed to treating them with the utmost respect and so are the rest of the team here at Top Results Online. And I don’t want all and sundry feeding them rubbish, lies and con jobs. I want to protect them from that. But I can’t protect them from the advertising that happens in online social networks.

In an email and on my website it’s a different story. When I have an important message to deliver, there are no distractions and I get to tell the whole story without interruption.

But to build, maintain, service, market to and understand a list effectively takes some appropriate tools and some simple know how. And that’s why we exist. To provide the tools and the know how so you don’t have to struggle through the trial and error of learning something like email marketing all on your own.

What are your thoughts on new social media? Do you think it’s worth the bother? Why?

Enjoy the world, it’s a beautiful place.


P.S. If email marketing looks like the kind of tool you need for your business, with or without a website, you’ll want to come to our Free Seminar on just that topic. We’ll be sharing how you can get qualified prospects onto your own list from the social media networks.

When Email Marketing Works Against You

Jenny tells me there’s no way email marketing will ever work on her. She hates getting emails from businesses and sales people trying to get her to buy things she doesn’t want. But what she doesn’t mention is all the times she’s bought something because a business took the time to communicate with her.

Jenny’s not alone either.  Most business people, sales people and entrepreneurs I know have a relationship with their email inbox that leaves a lot to be desired. They complain there’s just too much to read and keep up with, and most of it is pointless poop!

I dug a little deeper into the conversation with Jenny to find out what was really going on. And her sharing was revealing. It cemented for me that there are some surefire ways to lose you prospects and customers through email marketing.

The emails Jenny deletes without a second thought all have a few things in common.

  • They are not about things of interest to her
  • She gets too many of the same type of email
  • They are a call to buy without any benefit to her

That is to say they are all about getting Jenny to buy something she’s not really interested in so the sender of the email gets the prize. And they don’t stand out from the veritable barrage of unsolicited mail she gets thrust into her fragile inbox.

That last line was no innocent slip. If you think about how you feel when you get marketing messages you didn’t ask for about things irrelevant to you, it really can be akin to psychological rape. It’s not OK.

But then there’s the messages Jenny welcomes. And she so freely welcomes them that she doesn’t even think she’s being marketed to. It all feels perfectly normal to her. Like a friend sending her a message. She want’s to know what’s inside, she want’s to hear what’s next.

What qualities does an email have to have for you to welcome the message? And what causes you to respond? Let’s see if any patterns emerge in the comments below.

Warm Regards

Internet Marketing Consultant
Top Results Online

P.S. We have an exciting Free Email Marketing Seminar in Brisbane coming up. Places are limited so you may want to jump ahead of the cue now.

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